TELTEC plants trees

Last Saturday TELTEC planted 250 young Douglas Firs as part of the annual ‘TELTEC plants trees’ campaign. We place great importance on raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting conservation and preservation of the natural world.

This year’s campaign took place on an approximately 2,000 square metre area in the municipal forest located between Hütten and Bubenorbis. The forest had previously been severely damaged by beetles in the summer of 2023.

“It is important to me to actively and financially help with the reforestation and maintenance of the Mainhardt forest every year, with the aim of protecting nature and the environment,” said Thomas Bohn, CEO of TELTEC.

Douglas Fir was chosen to be planted as a fast-growing tree species with high timber yields. Originally native here until the last ice age, the tree species was reintroduced to Europe around 1827 by the botanist “Douglas”. The Douglas Fir is a climate-resilient tree species and can better adapt to climate change

The tree planting campaign in the municipality of Mainhardt will be supported by TELTEC in the long term in order to monitor growth and development of the planted trees.

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