Bienvenue à la section française de TELTEC!

TELTEC operates three offices in France. The TELTEC France Field Service on its own operates with
18 staff members: 15 Field Support Engineers and 3 Field Application Engineers.

In addition to that, TELTEC France offers Materials Sales, Systems Sales and Logistics & Administration.
Headquarter of TELTEC France is the office in Montpellier. For more information or requests please take a look below.


939 rue de la croix verte


Tel +33 467 22 40 00

Fax +33 467 22 26 37

Contact: Pierre Cahuzac


Immeuble Antheralp

Chemin des Sources

Parc Technologique des Fontaines

38190 BERNIN

Tel +33 438 92 03 31

Fax +33 438 92 03 19



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