Leadership in variety
The unique portfolio of innovative manufacturers for the European market.

Since TELTEC's foundation in 1983, the company has been a stable and reliable partner to its customers and principals, offering a superior product portfolio and support infrastructure. TELTEC offers sales and after-sales services for many different equipment manufacturers.

Main Equipment Partners

Chemical Monitoring
(now KLA)

Defect Review & CD SEMs, Spares & Services

X-Ray Metrology

Refurbished Endura® PVD systems

Thermoelectric Chiller

Spin-On-Coater & Wafer Support

TELTEC also offers service, parts, used systems and refurbishments for many different equipment manufacturers, including Therma-Wave, IPEC/Westech CMP, Most Robots.

Other manufacturers not listed here are also represented by TELTEC.

Please contact us with any requirements.

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