Herzlich Willkommen bei TELTEC Germany!

TELTEC Germany covers Germany, Holland, Austria, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. TELTEC operates three offices in Germany. TELTEC Germany has 35 employees - 10 in Field Support/Applications, 12 in Sales and 13 in Inside Sales/Logistics.

Headquarters of TELTEC Germany is the office in Mainhardt near Stuttgart. For more information or requests please take a look below.

Am Moosbach 6

Tel +49 7903 9144 0
Fax +49 7903 9144-11

Contact: Thomas Bohn
Manfred-v-Ardenne-Ring 20

Tel +49 351 892 5204
Fax +49 351 892 5202

81829 MUNICH

Tel +49 89 9810 9930
Fax +49 89 939 50031


Jens Worret, Purchasing/Materials-Management of Vishay stated about TELTECWith TELTEC, customer support within Semiconductor Industry has defined a new standard.

Mr. Alfred Gnadenberger, Austrian Mint: "Another asset is your local partner Teltec in southern Germany, which grants a short response time in all matters and removes any possible language barrier for us. Both are major requirements for operating flexibly and successfully in the market."

Günter Kratz, Manager Strategic Purchasing of X-Fab stated: „ Our first contact was in 1991 and we had a lot of business up to now ! To summarize our relationships: ……if you have to solve a problem and TELTEC can help you it is always a good idea to ask TELTEC or family Bohn ! You will get excellent competence – very serious – best understanding in support and business – you can expect partnership -always ! I give my reference with heart and mind !"

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