Benvenuto alla sezione italiana di TELTEC

TELTEC operates two offices in Italy. The TELTEC Italy Field Service on its own operates with 9 staff members:
8 Field Support Engineers and 1 Field Application Engineers.

In addition to that, TELTEC Italy offers Materials Sales, Systems Sales and Logistics & Administration.

Headquarters of TELTEC Italy is the office in Agrate near Milan. For more information or requests please take a look at the locations below.


Via Galileo Galilei 1B


20875 Burago di Molgora (MB)


Tel +39 039 6892171

Fax +39 039 6330098

Contact: Bruno Rivolta


Quindicesima Strada 28

Zona industriale

95121 Catania (CT)


Tel +39 095 591 201

Fax +39 095 713 9241



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