TELTEC History

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Here You will find the historical news regarding TELTEC.

  • Nov 17, 2017: Pivotal demonstrates benefits of their revolutionary flow control technology. Many customers participate in a related quiz.The winner, Mr. Daniel Schlamm, Technical Sales Manager at Sempa, was drawn by Mrs. Olga Lutscher of Gemü.
  • Nov. 13-17, 2017: TELTEC exhibits at Semicon Europa.
  • Oct. 26, 2017: Fraunhofer IPMS Screening Fab and intelligent fluids GmbH set new standards for environmentally-friendly cleaning technologies used in the manufacture of microchips.
  • June 26-29,2017: TELTEC exhibits at Laser World of Photonics exhibition.
  • Feb. 17, 2017: TELTEC partners with Leipzig based Bubbles&Beyond providing intelligent fluids for smart physical cleaning.
  • February 2017: Epcos Deutschlandsberg successfully implements Fit-LINE flaring tool to increase quality and safety.
  • December 2016: GTi and TELTEC enter exclusive Representative Agreement for selling and servicing Defect Review Systems and CD SEMs.
  • July 2016: TELTEC Management visits Semicon West.
  • January 2016: TELTEC Germany expands customer support staffing.
  • September 2015: Fit-LINE and TELTEC enter exclusive Distribution Agreement.
  • August 2015: Glemco and TELTEC enter Distribution Agreement.
  • January 2015: TELTEC Germany expands sales force.
  • January 2015: Solid State Cooling and TELTEC enter exclusive Distribution Agreement.
  • September 17, 2015: TELTEC signs Distribution Agreement with Parker-Prädifa for O-Ring Sales.
  • September 2014: Sitek and TELTEC enter exclusive Distribution Agreement.
  • May 2014. During Picosun's world forum, TELTEC was awarded as "Distributor of the year".
  • April 1-4, 2014: ECI provides product training to TELTEC's sales staff.
  • Dec. 23, 2013: Semicat and TELTEC enter exclusive Representative Agreement.
  • August 16, 2013: TORRLUBE and TELTEC enter Sales Agreement.
  • January 14, 2013: CDE and TELTEC enter exclusive Distribution Agreement.
  • Oct. 9, 2012: Semigear and TELTEC enter exclusive Sales Representative Agreement.
  • Oct. 9-11, 2012: TELTEC exhibits at Semicon Europe. TELTEC Management aligns and sets new objectives.
  • Oct. 2011: SPI Semicon and TELTEC enter exclusive distribution agreement.
  • July 2011: TELTEC receives award from 3Sun for successful installation of PV fab in Catania.
  • April 2011: Günter Kratz, Manager Strategic Purchasing of X-Fab stated: „ Our first contact was in 1991 and we had a lot of business up to now ! To summarize our relationships:......if you have to solve a problem and TELTEC can help you it is always a good idea to ask TELTEC or family Bohn ! You will get excellent competence - very serious - best understanding in support and business - you can expect partnership -always ! I give my reference with heart and mind ! 
  • Feb. 2011: Jens Worret, Purchasing/Materials-Management of Vishay stated about TELTEC: “With TELTEC, customer support within Semiconductor Industry has defined a new standard.”
  • Sept. 2010: Tazmo expands distribution agreement with TELTEC to cover also Wafer Support Systems for Wafer thinning applications.
  • Dec. 2010: ITW Rippey drops TELTEC's competitor and uses TELTEC exclusively throughout Europe.
  • Sept. 2010: As a measure to diversify TELTEC's cyclical business, TELTEC made a significant investment into a PV project in La Réunion.
  • 2010: TEC-SEM revives its cooperation with TELTEC throughout Europe.
  • Jan. 2010: Picosun (ALD Systems) of Finland drops TELTEC's competitor to continue with TELTEC in Germany, Austria and Holland.
  • Jan. 2010: PSI Semicon Services and TELTEC enter exclusive distribution agreement.
  • Dec. 2009: ECI and TELTEC enter exclusive distribution agreement.
  • July 9, 2008: AMD recognizes TELTEC with Achievement Award in recognition of their consistently high level of support and responsiveness for the AMD World Class Supplier team.
    The AMD World Class Supplier Process measures suppliers annually for outstanding performance and exceptional service for manufacturing materials and services. Mitteilung AMD - PDF- file (97 KB)
  • Aug. 2008: n&k signs TELTEC up at its exclusive distributor for Europe, based on TELTEC's unique background in metrology, having been Therma-Wave's partner since 1986.
  • Apr. 08: TELTEC receives ISO certification in Italy, France and Germany
  • February 08: Parker and TELTEC enter distributor agreement.
  • January 08:
    TELTEC hires key sales staff from Metron after Metron left the distribution business.
    Revera and TELTEC enter exclusive distributor agreement.
    IDI-Cybor and TELTEC enter exclusive distributor agreement.
  • December 07: Gel-Pak and TELTEC enter exclusive distributor agreement.
  • June 07: Simco and TELTEC enter representation agreement
  • Jan 07: MKE Electron and TELTEC enter agency agreement
  • April 06: Shibaura and TELTEC enter agency agreement
  • March 06: Nanogreen and TELTEC enter exclusive distributor agreement
  • Jan 06: Boris Lipkin, Therma-Wave's president and chief executive, stated "...we shifted our sales structure in Europe to a representative model, naming Teltec, our 20 year partner in the region as our exclusive representative. We believe this action will provide our European customers with higher levels of local support...".
  • Oct 05: Samsung and TELTEC expand their cooperation to include representation of KAEL chemical air filters
  • March 05: JT Baker and TELTEC enter distribution agreement. JT Baker offers specialty chemicals for surface preparation and cleaning with production facilities in Europe.
  • Nov 04: IMI, Integrated Materials Inc. and TELTEC enter distribution agreement. IMI is the leading manufacturer of pure all-Silicon towers, injectors, pedestals, tube liners and platens.
  • July 2004: Major European Semiconductor Fabs Choose McMillan
  • May 03: Cheil and TELTEC enter distribution agreement
  • Oct 2002: TELTEC becomes exclusive distributor of Yield Dynamics
  • Jan 2002: TELTEC Materials Division announces the distribution of a new product line : EHWA Diamond. EHWA provides top-quality and reasonnable priced Precision Diamond Tools for the CMP, the back-grinding, and other applications. Please check in the products section.
  • August 2001: Nexx's Mike Gustaffson signs exclusive distribution agreement for Europe with TELTEC. A start to a long and successful cooperation. At the time, Nexx supplies PVD systems only.
  • June 1999: Teltec starts a new division with dedicated & experienced sales staff: the Materials Division.
  • October 1983: Foundation of TELTEC
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